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Xiaomi mi 11 mobile data not working Fix

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Hi there, pals who use Redmi smartphones! I hope that everyone is having a good time in life. We are going to talk about the internet problem today in this article. We are all aware of how crucial the internet is to our mobile devices. We use the internet around-the-clock from the beginning of the day to the end. It’s evident that we do everything these days online, from grocery shopping to working from our offices. As a result, it ranks among the most crucial aspects of our life; without it, we would struggle greatly. Don’t worry, though; I’m here to help you with your issue. I’ve covered the simplest and most straightforward answer to this issue in my post. This can be attempted, and it.

How to fix it

There are two ways to repair it: try the first one first, then if that doesn’t work, attempt the second.

  • Turn on your redmi 11 smartphone.
  • Go to settings of your smartphone.
  • Click on sim card and mobile networks.
  • After it select your sim and click on preferred network type and select prefer lte.
  • Now go back and check the volte if it is not enabled then enable it.
  • Now click on access point names.
  • You will see a reset button then click on it.
  • Now restart your smartphone and check your internet again you will see your issue will be solved.
  • I hope you have finally found the solution to your issue, but if not, there is one more method available for you. If the first one doesn’t work, you can try this; it will work.

Solution No.2

  • Turn on your Redmi 11 smartphone.
  • Go to settings of your smartphone.
  • Scroll down and click on system.
  • Select reset options.
  • Now select reset wifi, mobile and bluetooth.
  • Click reset settings.
  • Click again reset settings to conform.
  • Check the internet on your smartphone once more, and you should find that your problem has been fully resolved.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this helpful guide on fixing the mobile data issue on the Xiaomi Mi 11! I have been experiencing the same problem and tried a few of the troubleshooting steps you mentioned. To my surprise, it worked like a charm! Your blog post has been incredibly helpful, and I appreciate the detailed explanations and screenshots. Keep up the good work!


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