Vivo v5 wifi connection problems, Fix

Vivo v5 wifi connection problems, Fix

Hello to all my Vivo user friends! I hope you are all doing well. Today we will discuss the Vivo V5 WiFi problem. If you are also one of those who is facing the problem and doesn’t know what to do next, then read the article. This will help you with this problem. Many users are scared too much when they see the problem, but it’s really easy to solve. It just happens because of some system crash in the phone or because of software glitches in the phone. You don’t need to worry about it; just read the article and follow the tricks, and after that, you will fix your issue completely.

Article Contents

  1. Restart your phone
  2. Delete wifi network
  3. Reset your network settings

Vivo v5 wifi connection problems, Fix

Restart your phone

Before going to any major solution, try this first. Many users face the wifi issue because of some software glitch in their phones, and it can be easily fixed just by restarting the device.

Delete wifi network

This usually happens when you connect your wifi to another device, but it can also happen later. When you connect your wifi to that device again, it shows an error. This happens because your wifi network information gets corrupted. To fix the issue, you have to delete the connected device’s network by clicking Forget Network, and after it connects again, it fixes the issue.

Reset your network settings

If the first two tricks don’t work for you, then try this last trick; it will fix your issue 100 percent.

  1. Go to settings.
  2. Now scroll down and click on more settings.
  3. Now click on backup and reset.
  4. Select reset network settings.
  5. Now click on reset settings.
  6. Click again on reset settings to conform.

I hope this article has helped you fix your problem. If yes, then congratulations, and if you are still facing the problem after following all the tricks, then let me tell you. You may have any hardware-related problem with your phone, and to fix it, you have to visit any authorised Vivo service centre near you.

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