Samsung not connecting to mobile data, Fix it

Samsung not connecting to mobile data, Fix it

Samsung not connecting to mobile data, Fix it If you are a Samsung smartphone user and you are facing a mobile data or network problem in your Samsung A21 smartphone and you don’t have any idea how you can solve this problem, then read this article completely from start to finish. Follow all the instructions written in this article, and after it, you will be easily able to solve this problem on your own.

Reset your smartphone network settings

  1. Go to settings of your smartphone.
  2. In settings click in the search bar search for reset and when you will find it click on it.
  3. Now scroll down and click on reset.
  4. Now hear select reset network settings.
  5. Click on reset settings.
  6. Now type your password and click on next.
  7. Click again on reset to conform.
  8. You will see a pop up “Network settings reset“.
  9. After it simply restart your smartphone and check again you will see your problem will be solved.

I expect this article will be helpful and informative for you in case anyone of you faces any problems while solving this problem. In this case, what you can do is just comment below your problem in the comment section, and after that, our team will definitely help you solve your problem. Also, hear below. We have tagged a video; you can follow it also.

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