Realme 3 pro sound problem Fix

Realme 3 pro sound problem Fix

If you own a Realme 3 smartphone and are having trouble with sound, you may not know how to resolve the issue. If so, don’t worry; we’re here to support you and will assist you in resolving this issue. All you need to do to solve this issue is thoroughly read the entire article from beginning to end.

Realme 3 pro sound problem Fix

  • Go to settings of your smartphone.
  • Scroll down and click on additional settings.
  • Then click on backup and reset.
  • Hear select erase all data ( factory reset ) don’t worry it will not erase any of your data.
  • Select reset system settings only.
  • Enter your password and confirm it.
  • Many users make mistaken changes to their smartphone’s settings, which leaves them with no idea what they’re doing and leaves them with a problem. This will fix your issue by restoring all of the customized settings on your smartphone to their original state.

Solution no 2.

This will assist you if a hardware problem is the cause of your problem.

  1. To clean it, insert an ear cleaner into your headphone jack and turn it slowly so as not to damage anything.
  2. Users who frequently use headphones or earphones on their smartphones may find that the headphones or earphone plugs get dirty. This issue with your smartphone will also arise if debris, dust, or moisture gets lodged in the headphone jack. This issue can be resolved if you clean it.

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