Motorola speaker not working Fix

Motorola speaker not working Fix

If you own a Motorola smartphone and are having issues with the speaker or volume on your device, you may not know how to resolve this issue. If so, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered. We’ll assist you in resolving your issue; all you have to do is read the article through from beginning to end, and you’ll be well on your way to solving it.

Greetings to all of my fellow Motorola smartphone users! I hope that life is treating you all well. We are having a good discussion about the Motorola speaker issue here in this article today. The simplest and most straightforward solution to this problem is provided below; you can try it, and it will solve your issue.

Motorola speaker not working Fix

  • Navigate to your smartphone’s settings.
  • After swiping down, select “about phone.”
  • In order to gain developer access, click the build number five or six times.
  • Once you have it, return and select Developer Options > Turn it on now and select “OK.”
  • Use the dialpad to enter ##3646633# now.
  • Select Bandmode and proceed to Hardware Testing.
  • Press the audio button > Select normal mode.
  • Maximum value of 160; set at 255 Select “Set” and then “OK.”
  • Your issue has now been effectively resolved.

I sincerely hope you found the article interesting and that it was helpful in resolving any issues you may still be having. Next, you can check your phone at any authorised Motorola service centre in your area, or you can leave a comment below and our team will do everything in our power to assist you. Your smartphone may be experiencing a hardware issue, in which case it would be wise to check it out at an authorised Motorola service centre. If your Smartphone is still under warranty, the Service Centre will also be able to fix it for free.

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