How to fix Oppo black screen problem

How to fix Oppo black screen problem

Are you an Oppo smartphone user and you are facing a black screen problem on your Oppo smartphone? If yes, then let me tell you, you don’t have to worry about it; you can solve this problem easily. You just have to read this whole article carefully from beginning to end, and after that, you will easily solve this problem. No matter what Oppo smartphone model you are using, this solution is applicable for all models.

Hello to all my Oppo smartphone user friends! I hope you are all doing great in your lives. In this article, we are going to discuss how you can solve your Oppo smartphone’s black screen problem. Well, this problem happens for two reasons. The first one is because of any hardware-related issues, and the second reason behind the problem is a software problem like an UI crash or any system glitch. If this issue is happening because of a hardware problem, then sorry to say, but in this case you have to visit any authorised Oppo service centre nearby. If it’s a software problem, which most people face, then you can solve it on your own. Below, I have provided one of the easiest and simplest solutions to this problem. You can try it, and this will definitely solve your problem.

How to fix it

  • At first, press and hold the power button of your smartphone with the volume down button for 10–15 seconds until you see the Oppo company logo start appearing on your smartphone screen.
  • When you see the Oppo logo start appearing on your screen release both the buttons.
  • Now your smartphone will perform force reboot and after it your problem will be solved.

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